Musahar Manch

Structure of Musahar Manch

Musahar Manch has a two-tier structure with district level Musahar Manch (MM) and village level Musahar Manch (VMM). Two nominated members from all the 52 VMM form the electoral body which elects four members of the Sanchalak Mandal (Governing Board) consisting of President, Secretary, Treasurer and SangathanMantri. It also nominates 11 other members who together with Sanchalak Mandal members form the Karyakarini Samiti (Executive Body). Every village also has a Mahila Mandal which is part of VMM.

The Sanchalak Mandal has following members:

  • Mithai Lal – President
  • Raju Prasad – Secretary
  • Gulabi Devi – Treasure
  • Phula Devi – Sangathan Mantri

The Karyakarini members are also Trustees of the Musahar Manch :

Sl. No Name Designation
1 Mithai Lal President
2 Raju Prasad Secretary
3 Gulabi Devi Treasurer
4 Phula Devi Sangathan Mantri
5 Shanichari Devi Member
6 Nhagirathi Prasad Member
7 Parmai Devi Member
8 Ramdhari Prasad Member
9 Shyamdal Member
10 Kunwar Vijay Dal Member
11 Bagri Devi Member
12 Deva Prasad Member
13 Govind Prasad Member
14 Ramchandar Member
15 Begraj Prasad Member