Musahar Manch

About Us

Musahar Manch is a Community Organization of Musahars in Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh. Musahars are tribal turned dalit community. Musahar Manch was formed in 2004 when Action Aid started working in Maharajganj and organized the community. The Musahar Manch remained an informal group and was registered as a Trust in October 2020. The Manch was formed for social and economic development of the Musahar Community.

Our Mission :

The mission of Musahar Manch is:

  • To empower its members and people of the Musahar community
  • To ensure social and political participation of Musahars
  • To ensure access of the community to government services, schemes and programmes
  • To ensure access and control over natural resources
  • To ensure Dignity, Equity and Identity of Musahars
  • To network with other organizations that share similar ideology.

Our Vision :

The vision of Musahar Manch is to have an equal society where Musahar Community especially women and children have Dignity, Opportunity, Rights and they Participate equally in all walks of life.

Our Values :

  • Equity/Equality
  • Fraternity/Brotherhood
  • Social Justice Equality
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

Membership :

Musahar Manch is open for membership to all the Musahar community people living in Maharajganj district of UP. It is also open to other extremely deprived people in the district. However, they cannot claim executive positions the Organization. Musahar Manch would work for their benefits too.